Lesotho Millennium Development Agency

(Supply of Cisco Switches, Modules, Wall Mount Cabinets, Cisco IP Phones and UPSs) .

Ministry of Finance

(Supply of 11 notebooks, 11 docking stations, 11 printers, 11 LCD monitors, 6 HP desktops,2 HP Printers, GPS (Global Positioning System ) Devices ) .

Office of the Auditor General

(supply of IBM Computers) .

Ministry of Agriculture

(supply of 14 HP printers, laboratory equipment, printing consumables, 31 Lenovo PCs).

Ministry of Education

(TSD, Teaching Service Commission, Education Facility Unit, Teacher Development and Central Inspectorate(Supply of PC’s, Laptops, flash drives and printers, )).

Ministry of Forestry & Land Reclamation

(Supply of PCs and Printers) .

Ministry of Tourism, Environment & Culture

(Parks and National Library (supply of PC’s and antivirus software)).

Ministry of Industry, Trade Cooperatives and Marketing

(PC repairs) .

Ministry of Local Government

Maseru District Council(Supply Desktops and Laptops), Mohale’s hoek District Council(MS Office suite training), Mafeteng District Council(Supply of Laptops), Quthing District Council(MS Office suite training, Supply of Laptops, antivirus software, PC repairs).

Maseru City Council

(Supply of 10 Dell Desktops and 7 Dell notebooks) .

Central Bank of Lesotho

(Supply of IBM/ Lenovo notebooks , IBM Server, Cisco Routers and Switches, Trendnet Networking Devices, 61 HP Monitors).

DA’s Office

Berea and Quthing(Supply PC’s, Laptops and printers, virus cleaning).

Technical Institute of Leloaleng

(Supply of 42 PC’s and 44 network point installation and configuration).

Ntlafatso Skills Training Centre

(Supply of 2 Pc’s and printers) .

Holy Family High Schoo

l(Supply of 10 PC’s) .

Bonhomme High School

(Supply of 23 computers and 2 Printers).

Ministry of Communications Science and Technology .

Senate Office

Ministry of Health –

NHTC(Supply of 100 PCs, 60 Printers, 8 Cisco Switches, 2 Servers), Government Hospitals (Maseru, Mafeteng, Berea and Leribe, Mokhotlong) .

Lesotho Revenue Authority

(Supply of Printing consumables, 42 Printers, 2 Hp Server, Storage media, 40 laptops, Supply and Installation of 4 Projector Screens, 8 Epson Printers, 100 Lenovo Desktops, 80 Lenovo Laptops) .

Holy Gross High School

(Supply of 30 PCs) .

Lesotho Communication Authority

(Supply of HP Server, 8 HP Laptops).

Christian Council of Lesotho

(Supply of Laptop) .

Vodacom Lesotho

(Supply of Cisco switches and fire walls, Supply of 4 HP Servers, 42 HP Printers, 12 Storage Devices,5 Fibre Adapters, 1 Dot Matrix Printer).

Water and Sewerage Authority

(Supply of Printers) .

Lerotholi Polytechnic

(Cisco Switches, Lenovo Desktops, Trendnet Routers , Projectors and Data Recovery Software).

Mokhotlong-DMO Office

( Supply of 5 Levovo Laptops and 5 Lenovo Desktops,6 Toshiba Laptops, 2 Mecer Desktops).

Ministry of Gender,Youth,Sports and Recreation

( Supply of 3 Acer desktops).

Ministry of Public service

( Supply of 5 HP Desktops).

Lesotho College of Education

( Supply of 46 Mecer desktops and 5 HP Printers).

World Vision Lesotho

( Supply of 14 HP Desktops).

Informatrics Data Solutions

( Rental of 20 Computers,Supply os 5 Pc’s ).

Top Hill Store

( Supply of Point of Sale Software and Hardware).

Lesotho Post

(Supply of HP Servers and Rack).

Lesotho Electricity Company

(Supply of Cisco Switches and Modules).

Ministry of Home Affairs

(Supply of HP and Dell Laptops, HP Printers and Macbooks).