We offer consulting services in the following areas:

  • ICT Management including development of ICT strategies

Some organizations started IT units as just small components of the organization to maintain and offer fist line support to users. As this organizations experienced growth with time, so did the units which eventually turned into departments. As this growth was realized there was never time to fully align objectives of its IT departments with the rest of the organization. This misalignment leads into two entities that don’t share the same vision and this can result in unjustifiable massive expenditures. BSCS has ICT consultants with extensive experience in drawing ICT strategies and overall knowledge in ICT management.

  • Computerization feasibility studies.

We conduct feasibility studies for organizations that would like to computerize for the first time and those that would like to expand. A feasibility study assists an organization to have a proper plan of computerization and draw its priorities properly. Our consultants conduct these studies guided by the requirements of the organization, its budget, and skills possessed by the organization and ability to keep its own momentum.

  • Project Management

A lot of ICT projects fail even before they start because of under-estimating proper skills to manage a project. Our consultants have international certificates in ICT project management and can assist with project conceptualization, to planning, to execution, to monitoring, to sign off. We have experience in managing from small projects that can be executed within days to huge projects executed over a couple of years.

Cyber Security

As the world gets excited over the benefits of the Internet, criminals are equally excited over benefits the Internet has presented them. We help organizations to protect their most valuable asset, data, by installing proper hardware and software to protect information. We also offer training to system users to eliminate vulnerabilities brought forth due to lack of knowledge. We have a comprehensive package for organizations that take their information seriously.

Migration from Manual to Computerized systems

Migration from a manual system to a computerized system needs proper planning and implementation. Miscalculation of steps to cover, makes this important change a nightmare and introduces phobia to users who were very comfortable with ‘old’ manual system. We assist organizations that have just computerized, by using a guided method of switch over.

Business Process Optimization

Businesses usually prefer to maintain the status quo for means and ways in which they have always done business, for fear of change. This practice has a huge impact on the quality of service provided. We assist businesses to properly map their processes and eliminate stages that do not bring value its operations. This helps management to optimize its functions and allocate resources where properly needed. We have consultants that have assisted organizations to see change positively.

Network Designs

For a lot of organizations, a network has become a binding tool to help people share information and resources within an organization. Usually, support staff is the first line of help users get, and usually support staff does not wire up a building. In order to quickly and effectively troubleshoot the network, this support staff MUST understand the overall physical layout and connectivity. Physically, how the pieces of the network fit together. The best way to understand this is through a physical network diagram. We design networks that cover all requirements an organization has, but with a future expansion outlook. Our designs cover things like: Building diagrams/floor plans, Physical network diagrams, Logical network diagrams, Hardware information, Configuration information, Protocol information, etc.

Network wiring and Management

We design and wire networks of all types of buildings and geographical locations. We also manage these networks to ensure they operate at their full capacity. We have a lot of optional tools that can be used for network management and monitoring.

Business Intelligence (derivation of meaningful reporting from existing systems)

Business Intelligence help institutions that have already computerized to obtain the information they need from their systems when they need it, in the format they prefer. By integrating data from across their enterprise and delivering selfservice reporting and analysis, IT people spend less time responding to requests and users spend less time looking for information. Information is presented in a manner that enables management to understand the past, monitor the present and predict outcomes as business moves ahead.

Backup strategies

Agreeably, a backup is as important as the live data. If Murphy is anyone to go by, he says “Left to themselves, things tend to go from bad to worse”. It is imperative to have a backup of the precious data an organization has invested so much to gather. In times of disaster, new hardware can be purchased, but data can never be. We help draw backup strategies guided by the role a particular set of information plays on an organization and the value attached therein.

Disaster Recovery Plans

Every business and organization can experience a serious incident which can prevent it from continuing normal operations. This this can happen any day at any time. The potential causes are many and varied: flood, explosion, computer malfunction, accident, etc. We draw Disaster Recovery Plans as a means for business continuity process.

ICT Training

We provide all sorts of ICT training for different types of learners. We provide a range of certificates including: certificates, diploma, international certificates etc. We offer training on:

  • Microsoft products
  • Cisco
  • Information Security
  • Java
  • Linux
  • Novell
  • Oracle
  • Crystal reports etc